Every mile helps a woman in need.

Ride for Women’s Lunch Place Sunday, September 24, 2017

Start and Finish at Noble and Greenough School, Dedham MA
Choose from 10, 25 or 50 mile routes or be a “virtual rider”

We have 23 amazing volunteer riders each with a goal of raising $1,000 to support
WLP’s meals program. As a team, our goal is to raise $20,000 to provide meals which will feed
hundreds of women who depend on WLP each day. Take a moment to read their stories and
see why they have committed to ride for WLP. Please consider donating to our riders and help
them reach their goal. No donation is too small.

Join Team WLP


Support Team WLP

  • Sign-up as a rider to raise at least $1,000 or more
  • Pay $75 registration fee (registration fee waived for first 10 WLP riders
  • Don’t ride? Be a virtual rider and raise at least $1,000; pay no registration fee but join us at the event
  • Contact Liz Harrington Lizh@womenslunchplace.org for your application to ride
  • WLP will help to design your fundraising page, organize practice rides and offer fundraising support
  • Enjoy a great day of riding, day of event celebration, food, music, awards and prizes!
  • Contact Team Leader Liz Harrington at Lizh@womenslunchplace.org with any questions.
  • Three Squares New England is sponsoring the Ride for Food. Please visit their website for more details on the ride.
  • RIDERS must raise $1,000 to receive an official Ride for Food cycling jersey and t-shirt!
2017 Team WLP

Liz Harrington, Team Captain
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place because I believe no one should go hungry feel unsafe or be without a safe community.”
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McKenzie Snyder
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place because it is an amazing community run by dedicated and caring staff and volunteers.”
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Rebecca McGrath
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Nancy Armstrong, WLP Director of Operations
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place to raise funds for and attention to the plight of women with little or no other access to healthy food other than Women’s Lunch Place.”
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Elizabeth Keeley, WLP Executive Director
“Riding a few miles to raise awareness and funds for vulnerable women living lives of resilience, courage, and gratitude for what WLP offers them – that’s easy. WLP guests deserve to live healthier happier lives, that is why I am riding.””
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Michelle Gallego
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place because it is an invaluable space for those in need, so I’m going to give it all I’ve got!”
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Jennifer Bailey
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Mike Levine
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place to raise money to help women who have tough days EVERY DAY and never give up!”
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Doris Romero, WLP Direct Care
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place to publicize WLP and let other people know the importance of the work that we do.”
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Suzanne Fontaine
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place because I love the mission of the WLP and I’m excited to be part of the WLP Ride for Food team.””
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Anthony Leonard, WLP Board President
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place to provide a safe and welcoming community to women experiencing
homelessness and poverty, and raise awareness of this
incredible organization.”
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Julie Buchta
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place because I love the mission of the WLP and I also love to cycle. It’s a fun event for a great cause.”
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Terry Clark
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place because I have always admired the goal of the Women’s Lunch Place’s to restore dignity and empower personal decision-making for their guests.”
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Ursula Gray
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Melanie Kelley
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place to raise money for women who experience homelessness and poverty.”
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Eileen Forman
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Pamela Abeiga
“I ride for Women’s Lunch Place because as a young child growing up in Ecuador, I was surrounded by poverty and people in need of help, and I vowed one day to myself that if I was ever in a position to help that I would.”
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Wellesley Bank
“Our team of riders is fundraising with fervor and grit for Women’s Lunch Place to help fight hunger in our community.”
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Special thanks to:

Wellesley Bank

Many thanks to Three Squares New England for organizing the Ride for Food that brings
together over 17 local hunger relief organizations like Women’s Lunch Place to raise funds to
help reduce hunger in Massachusetts.

For more information, contact Liz Harrington at lizh@womenslunchplace.org.

See you at the Ride for Food on September 24th!