Health and Wellness

We provide care for women’s physical and emotional well-being.

On-Site Free Medical Care

Through a partnership with Health Care Without Walls, nurses and doctors offer our guests free on-site health care services for urgent and chronic health conditions, Monday through Friday. A psychiatrist and psychologist offer counseling, and community health centers and agencies present informational workshops on relevant topics. We train and partner with LGBTQ groups to educate and offer services to a diverse community of women.

WLP advocates and nurses assist women to obtain health care insurance through MassHealth. They also schedule appointments with specialists and arrange for transportation to and from appointments. Women 65 years and over can participate in a program focused on healthy eating and maintaining regular visits with their primary care physician.

Creative Expressions

Beyond food, clothing, and shelter our guests thrive on personal interaction and community friendships. Creative Expressions provides guests with the opportunity to express their talents and interests, and fosters these vital interactions while offering healing, confidence, pleasure and empowerment. Volunteers also teach yoga, offer Reiki, dance, and musicians perform once a month to an appreciative audience.


Support Our Programs

WLP Winter Notecards provide joy to your recipients and the women who come to Women's Lunch Place every day. Proceeds from each card sold help us meet the increased demand for our services as we respond to the needs of homeless or insecurely housed women living in extreme poverty. Sending our cards also brings awareness to the importance of creating a supportive and dignified community that encourages women to make positive changes in their lives.