Women’s Lunch Place Staff


Judy Beckler, Interim Executive Director
Nancy Armstrong, Director of Operations
Lorraine Levine, Director of Development
Maggie Giles, Director of Programs
Jennifer Hanlon Wigon, Director of Finance and HR


Minerva Bolduc, Advocacy Manager
Dawn Haynes, Advocate
Belinda Barnes, Outreach Advocate
Lisa Oliver, Outreach Advocate
Doris Romero, Outreach Advocate
Tyjenaya Holmes, HomeStart Advocate
Interns, Housing Interns

Creative Expressions

Connie Smith, Creative Expressions Coordinator


Lorraine Levine, Director of Development
Miriam Cai, Development  Coordinator
Chloe Kimball, Volunteer/ Development Coordinator

Direct Care

Maya Dixon, Resource Center Coordinator
Linda Burston, Direct Care
Rachel Bolton, Direct Care
Bonnie Zamparelli, Direct Care
Vanessa Monteiro, Direct Care
Rachel Klein, Shelter Manager

Healthy Meals Program

Sherry Hughes, Chef & Kitchen Manager
Nelson Vega, Kitchen Assistant
Darlene Carson, Part-time Kitchen Chef


Allegra Marra, Volunteer Manager
Chloe Kimball, Volunteer/ Development Coordinator