Women’s Lunch Place is governed by a 18-member Board of Directors committed to its fiduciary, strategic and fundraising leadership role.

Our Advisory Committee members offer professional and personal expertise, financial support for events and special projects, and also help introduce new supporters to the organization.

Women’s Lunch Place Board of Directors FY2018
Kay Calvert
Mary V. Carty
vice chair
Janine M. Danielson
Sally Bachman
Clemia C. Brittenum
Anne Bromer
Kate Cook
kate Gallivan
Megan Hall
Eileen Hsü-Balzer
Linda J. Kreisel
Anthony Leonard
Mark Lippolt
Michelle McGee
Sandra O’Connor
Glenn Quirion
Derri Shtasel, MD
Randy Wertheimer, MD
Women’s Lunch Place Advisory Committee FY2018

Kathy Lapoint, Chair
Jane Callanan
Christine Cloonan
Lucy Flynn

Todd Jackowitz
Michele Kessler*
Joyce Kosofsky
Angela Menino*

Mary Moscato
Thomas O’Neill III
Jill Phillips
Glenn Quirion

Eileen Reilly M.D.
Jodi Slifka
Eike Traina
Polly Tsai

Roberta Weiner
Tim Wigon