Movie Review of "Shape of Water"

Written by Janice T.

Shape of Water is surprisingly unique in its own right. A modern day point of view, profoundly it's trace carries you to a calgon take me away place. With bittersweet touches & flares of old school, nostalgic, rare & international cinema is absolutely found there!

Personally for me it's eye opening– it's how you dot your I’s and cross your T’s. Its applies to our everyday lives the subject of an old adage that speaks loudly without out one plea, thought provoking learning, teaching, expressive points,views of how our lives are shaped with knowledge & fellow man’s fate and a bit of you and me’s life at stake.

While my heart burns & hums. I can definitely hear this Symphony’s music and lyrics play. There is nothing new under the sun. Modern classic tune swagger in sway on rewind replay and each word is renew testament thats self explanatory every day. The setting the makeup of the movies is a carbon copy of us as a whole living in our present life today in the year 2018 I fear.

Who are we?! With ourselves are we for real? What are our spoken and unspoken fears, our desires, ours hopes and
dreams, future endeavors, our disappointments and tears? What are our weaknesses? Living among each other what have we become unsung native brothers, daughters and sons? Yet in still, I found this movie extremely entertaining & from some kinda weirdly wonderful in an out of the box way. It spoke volumes of the past, present and possible the future is now a day.

Immortally forever n all mind it reminds me of truths, country, honor, suspense, death & passion was well planted with the story line. Every part of the Cinematography Art was impressively Lit by far from finish to start! For me it reinforced and dramatically taught power, passion some semi-action. Either way by any means necessary in part hot and heavy..wink..wink!! Lustful tendencies involving people wildly bent on getting satisfaction. Pick your poison within the movie which do you love? All the above? What do you call love? What's glory and honor & what lengths would you go to to gain money and fame love?! Men of valiant is it personally only in name ?!

Truly there is so much I can say about Shape Of Water– it's Beauty and the Beast. It's a bit of a true romantic's special bittersweet treat. It's corpse bride that set the stages. It's coming of ages, coming alive also it's an international character's cast members redefined from around the globe ..oooh boy ya know it's Sweeney Todd it's not coy nor shy it's simplify. It shows the purest form of evil wicked willfully savage hate & love which makes ones heart beats quiver in shake then it flutters a bit MUST faster and goes sky high your mind it imposes then Masters. It's rollercoaster erie excitement n just the right touch of heartfelt laughter.

Shall we abide along the shores within the changing of the tides. Wait!! Glory and its shape its movements then my friend stop look and listen once again?!! With must passion blend and plenty of number hopeful reasons. Its in our best interest in and out of time it's vital and our world every season. Is it destiny? It's light is but a quickening of life transform then be reborn.

An international linguistics fluent expressive lessons n rambling flow knocking on the heart of your door!?! Shape of Water is a classic historic everlasting hidden jewel surprising alarming actions moving downward and upward spiraling water spurts deep and the soul & bones it's a breath catching must see!

Janice T.