Music for Food lifts spirits in the WLP dining room


“The music you play brings us together and is food for our soul.” –WLP Guest

Women’s Lunch Place guests truly enjoy the partnership with Music for Food (MFF). For more than 4 years, talented musicians have volunteered their time to perform classical music in our community shelter. They also perform concerts to raise awareness and funds for hunger relief organizations. Women’s Lunch Place is grateful for their financial support and for playing joyful music that lifts the spirits of our guests.

Guests’ comments of how the music makes them feel:

  • When I hear your music it’s soothing and inspirational. I can be distressed and instantly I am cured by your music.”

  • “The musicians who come to perform are so kind and graceful. The music is peaceful and relaxing.”

  • “Your band is always so nice and pleasant and the WLP family would like to thank you for your time, music, and charitable donations.”

  • “I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for Music for Food. It takes me to another dimension where there’s peace and beauty. Thank you also for your time and support of Women’s Lunch Place.”

A guest poem to the Music for Food musicians:

“Music is food for the soul
And when your voices ring
It’s such a very special thing
The Good Lord above is listening to you
The magic of your voices, harmony and true
Thank you for your amazing gifts
You surely do give our hearts a lift!”

We are grateful for our wonderful partnership with Music for Food. They bring so much joy to women in our community! MFF also raises money for WLP at their performances at Jordan and Brown Halls at New England Conservatory. Please visit their website for a listing of upcoming concerts:

Rani Wise