Volunteer Newsletter: Summer 2018


Featured Story: Healthy Moves

Jenny Leopold has been a Women’s Lunch Place volunteer since the Fall of 2015. She started in the Resource Center for a few months, and then picked up a shift in the kitchen every Monday morning.

After completing her teacher training for yoga, she began to offer a yoga class every other week for the guests at Women’s Lunch Place. “Yoga relaxes them. It helps them get a sense of connection to their body and they love getting the exercise,” Jenny says.

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She experiences women coming in with different aches and pains and will give specific stretches for each of their needs. “The presence of yoga here brings a calming energy... there’s something really positive about having it around.”

Yoga classes at Women’s Lunch Place have increased from once every other week to two times a week, including an outdoor session in the summer. “There’s even an impact on the people walking by during these outdoor sessions,” she says. “People walking by will stretch and move around and some even come out and join us in a few stretches.”

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Rani Wise