Fighting Hunger with Hamilton Tickets


Jenny McBride, a member of Team WLP at this year’s Ride for Food, surpassed her fundraising goal and raised  $1,831 to help fight food insecurity. Jenny chose to ride for Team WLP because she wanted to help bring dignity and nourishment to women in need.

Fighting-Hunger 1

Jenny was successful in her fundraising in part due to offering two tickets to Hamilton in Boston. Hamilton tickets are hard to get a hold of and make a great incentive for donations! 36 people donated to Jenny’s ride, 15 of them already having a connection to WLP. We are so grateful to Jenny for all of her hard work in raising funds for our Healthy Meals Program. Jenny said, “This process of fundraising has taught me to be bold, to be creative, and to pay it forward.”

The staff, volunteers, and guests of WLP are so appreciate of her efforts and all of the donations received that will benefit our beautiful ladies by giving them the nourishment and energy they need through healthy meals.

Jenny recently drew a winner for the raffle, and we have included a short video clip revealing the lucky winner below! Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved in this year’s Ride for Food!

Rani Wise