WLP Receives Berklee Urban Service Award


Women’s Lunch Place was recognized and honored with the Berklee Urban Service Award (BUSA) from Berklee College of Music. 


The BUSA’s celebrate Berklee students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partner organizations, such as Women’s Lunch Place, who work to accomplish social change. At Women’s Lunch Place, we pride ourselves on offering quality, caring and impactful services, as well as caring for each woman with dignity and respect. The award ceremony, which took place on April 21, honored people and organizations who make a difference in Boston communities. The ceremony featured live performances, special guests, and award and scholarship presentations.

We were thrilled to be given this award as a result of our commitment to providing a safe, welcoming community for every guest we serve. Thank you Berklee College of Music for recognizing our dedication to improving the lives of women experiencing poverty or homelessness!

Rani Wise